Your Relationship To Healthy Feet


Unless you have a foot deformity, a neurological disorder, or a serious injury that requires a cast, there should be absolutely no reason for you to buy a pair of shoes with “motion control” features or inserts that claim to reduce overpronation.  That’s the purpose of this website.  Here you’ll find information and resources for pain-free, happy, and healthy feet.

For thousands of years, shoe-wearing societies have been allowing fashion designers to deform feet and cause pain.  Information found here was collected with the hopes of changing the way modern society relates to footwear.

As someone who’s gone through very painful bunion surgery back in 2001, I write from experience.  I’ll be sharing as many options and information as I can so that you can make the best decisions about caring for your feet.  I want you to be both informed and comfortable!

Since my surgery I studied physical therapy assistance, fit feet, foot issues, and shoe types.  I’ve discovered that not all scientific research on foot problems is legitimate or accurate, and the majority of people in shoe wearing societies do not have healthy feet.  By applying some of the things I’ve learned, I’ve been able to change the shape of my feet for the better, and I’m excited about sharing this information with you.

All the images found on this site are my own work.  I’m primarily an artist and animator.  I’ll be using these illustrations and animation to help facilitate understanding of more complicated issues, but my work on this site is far from finished.  When I’m done, I hope this will be your go-to for sensible footwear and healthy feet.  Stay tuned.

Hi, I'm Ellen's footprint! I'm not perfect, but I'm happy, strong, and problem-free!
Hi, I’m Ellen’s footprint! I’m not perfect, but I’m happy, strong, and problem-free!